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Do you find it hard to keep track on your wildlife watching and what to focus on at your next trip?

iGoTerra has a complete suite of unique tools and services to help you stay on top of all your wildlife watching!

  • Add all your wildlife observations – geo-coded observations and photos from your trip.
  • Personalised country checklists and target lists.
  • iGoTerra Pocket – add observations in your mobile, even if off-line.
  • Photo gallery – 8900+ bird species, 900 mammal species. Prepare yourself in advance of your trip by watching selected slideshows, e.g. mammals of South Africa.
  • My Observation Diary and automatic personal Trip Reports.
  • Automated taxonomy updates.
  • Import your lists from all major birding software, e.g. BirdBase & Avisys.
  • Assign your observations to subspecies level.
  • iGoTerra Trips – complete trip management.
  • Species information – 1.5 million taxa!


SATIB Insurance Certification
We have access to 24 hr medical / emergency services through SATIB 24 Insurance.
SATSA Bonded
BirdLife SA Birder Friendly Certificate
BirdLife South Africa
African Bird Club
Blue Sky Wildlife
Kruger Lowveld Tourism
Field Guides Association of Southern Africa
Vortex Optics
Avian Adventures
Pangolin Working Group