Malawi Wildlife

Malawi Wildlife tours From the depths of Lake Malawi to the heights of Nyika Plateau, Malawi boats a diverse range of ecosystems and habitats. And while there is no doubt that the growing human population is having a huge impact on the country’s wildlife, as is the case across the continent, Malawi wildlife tours have a reasonable network of parks and protected areas and is in fact seeing a relatively recent surge in tourism.

In terms of species richness, Lake Malawi is the country’s crown jewel with several hundred endemic Cichlid species found nowhere else on earth and a snorkeling session in the lake is the best way to appreciate this richness. Back on land Malawi has some great National parks, including Nyika National park in the north, Malawi’s largest park at 3 200 km² and home to some spectacular antelope species such as Eland and Roan and Liwonde National Park in the south, Malawi’s most popular game park and home to a nice array of typical African mammal species.

In addition to the reserves of Malawi, not too far across the border in Zambia to the west are the famous North and South Luangwa National Parks, which can add a further wildlife element to a visit to the warm heart of Africa.

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