• Birding and Wildlife Safaris, Trips and Tours in Africa
Birding & Wildlife Safaris, Trips & Tours in Africa

At Lawson’s Birding, Wildlife, and Custom Safaris, we offer first-class small-group birding and wildlife safari trips and tours in Africa. Our footprint extends across the Southern and Eastern parts of this great continent, with over 30 years of experience in offering you bucket list safaris of a lifetime!

As Africans, we know where to take you for the best small-group birding and wildlife tours. We arrange privately-guided safaris for the individual searching for authentic experiences. So whether you’re after up-close encounters with the Big 5 and birds, or you’re still not sure where to go, contact our passionate team for ideas and itineraries.

Plan A Custom Safari

Custom Safaris are ideal for those who like flexibility or have special interests.

What our guests say...

  • Wildlife was at and above my expectations. I saw most of the mammals I had hoped to see (except Cheetah) and several that I didn’t expect. As regards birding I saw (mostly with the aid of my guide!) over 250 species on the Lawson’s tour (and nearly 400 in my 4 weeks in South Africa).

    Murray Delahoy


  • We saw an amazing variety of wildlife considering we only spent eight days on safari. It was particularly pleasing to see animals at such close quarters. It gave us a good opportunity to take some great pictures. Overall we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and so would like to rate it 10 on the Lawson Scale.

    Christine Daley and Family


  • The quality & viewing were very good, it more than lived up to our expectations. We even enjoyed searching for the elusive lions! The driving in the bush was still very enjoyable & we did get to see a large pride in the end! Dave’s highlight – the leopard in the tree in the Kruger, also enjoyed the different varieties of birds which I wasn’t expecting. Val’s highlights –... Read More

    Val & David Read


  • I would definitely rate Lawson’s as a 10. I had no worries about my stay---being transported from the airport to meet Leon, being assigned a room, being driven around all day, talking about the wildlife with Leon, the opportunity to photograph, the smells, the sounds, the good food was just perfect.

    Judith Roan


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