Welcome to our new website, the online home of Lawson’s Birding, Wildlife and Custom Safaris. The site was designed with a ‘simple and clean’ motto in mind. The imagery is mostly all ours (we had a bit of help with Botswana and Malawi), and we’ll be changing things regularly to keep it current. We have some great information on destinations as well, so we invite you to grab a cup of coffee and spend some time here as you ponder an African birding and wildlife experience. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or queries, we’re always happy to chat about birds, wildlife and travel!  

A bit about us, in a nutshell:

Lawson’s Birding, Wildlife Safaris, and Custom Safaris started out in 1990 with some of the first dedicated birding safaris to South Africa, in the process pioneering some of the now popular birding routes and stakeouts. Since then we’ve grown into a specialised birding and wildlife safari company, offering first-class birding and wildlife trips to a range of countries in Southern and Eastern Africa. Our range of set-departures cater for both the casual birder and the more enthusiastic ‘lister’, as well as the general natural history enthusiast. For those who prefer not to join groups, or who have specific travel requirements, we are also the custom-safari specialists. Either way, we’ll use our extensive knowledge and experience to create a fun, rewarding and memorable African experience for you.

“You’ll want to return to Africa with us time and time again!”

Wildlife Safari Company

Our Featured Set-Departure Tours: click on the photos to link to the tour page. See the rest of our set-departure tours here: Set-Departure Tours.

Featured Tours

Leopard, Sabi Sand Game Reserve
Photographing the Predators

September 2018

From ZAR 42 600 PPS

African White-backed Vulture, Kruger Park
Cranes, Rollers & Raptors

November 2018

From ZAR 47 550 PPS

Hippo charge, Kruger National Park
Wildlife of the Cape & Kruger

October 2018

From ZAR 42 750 PPS

Rosy-faced Lovebirds, Erongo Wilderness
Essential Namibia Birding

November 2018

From ZAR 50 400 PPS

Lawson's Photo of the Week

Six reasons to travel with Lawson's

Chorister Robin Chat, Thendele Camp
Chorister Robin Chat, Thendele Camp

South African songster: Chorister Robin Chat (Cossypha dichroa). Endemic to South Africa and Swaziland, this forest special is one of the characteristic sounds when birding in our forests, a master of song and mimicry. Usually a shy bird, this individual was one of several bird that seemed to have lost their fear of humans in the camp grounds of Royal Nata’s Thendele Camp, allowing for great photographic opportunities. Join us on a custom photography safari for great birding and wildlife photography! .


We have over a quarter of a Century of experience.

Lawson’s was founded in 1990 and we are approaching 30 years of experience in running birding and wildlife trips in Africa.


We are obsessed with professionalism.

From the personalised species check-lists and itineraries we give to our clients to our guides cleaning the vehicle windows so our clients can have as good a view as possible, we are obsessed with being professional at all times. That doesn’t mean we don’t have fun though!


We have a great reputation.

Within birding and travel circles, Lawson’s has always been a highly respected name.


We have passionate guides.

Our guides don’t do what they do as a job – it’s a passion, a calling and a way of life, illustrated by the fact that when they have spare time, they’ll be out in the bush birding, game viewing, researching and taking photographs. The binoculars don’t get put away at 17h00 every day…


We have an awesome support team.

We believe that part of the success of our safaris is due a great support team in the office. This translates into thorough arrangements for each and every trip, and a solid back up resource for the odd time when logistics in the field do go awry.


We go the extra mile.

We like to go the extra mile for our clients. It’s just in our nature to make each and every client’s experience the best it possibly can be.

Recent Client Comments

Hi Leon:
I cannot thank you and the rest of the team at Lawson’s enough for the wonderful experiences that you gave me over each of our trips. I have many wonderful memories which I will cherish. Without the extra support given to me I would not have been able to take part in this last tour which was without doubt the best ever and exactly the way that I could only have wished. You can be rest assured that I will continue to recommend Lawson’s to all and sundry as the only company to tour South Africa with.

Regards Graham Knighton, Adelaide, South Australia

Wildlife Safari Company

Dear Derek, Andy, Leon, and Mariana:
I thought you might like to see the follow up letter and checklists that I sent to our South Africa Tour participants.  It was such a fine trip and you all did such a fine job that I want to thank you one last time for sharing all your expertise and making the experience so enjoyable for the people on my trip.

Wayne Petersen, Massachusetts Audubon Society Leader

Wildlife Safari Company

To Leon:
You and Nic were the greatest guides I have ever had… and I have been on many guided trips. What a wonderful combination you made. Thanks again.

Tom Walker, Connecticut Audubon Society

Wildlife Safari Company 

The tour went fantastically well and all of our American guests were very happy with the tour.  It went like clockwork from start to finish.  This was my 197th tour as a leader, so I know a little about bird tour leading.  Your two guides, John and Bert, were very professional, had an encyclopaedic knowledge of the mammals, birds, trees and shrubs and even more important, they were both terrific individuals.  I will have no hesitation in using your company again in the future.

Chris Doherty, Peregrine Tours, Australia

The whole trip was like going to heaven without the bother of dying first…

Brian Leech, UK