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Owls of the Kruger National Park

Posted by Leon on Tue April 23, 2024 in Birds and Birding.

For this blog post we’ll be looking at Owls, and more specifically the owls of Kruger. If taxonomy is your thing, you’ll know then that we are actually dealing with two Families here – Strigidae, or ‘true or typical Owls’; and Tytonidae, the Barn Owls, though the differences are mainly internal. Kruger has 11 of the 12 Owls occurring in Southern Africa (the only one that isn’t present is Cape Eagle Owl). With a warm and dry-ish climate, Kruger supports a good invertebrate and small vertebrate population, which allows for a rich diversity of predatory species, owls included (though Verreaux’s Eagle Owl doesn’t just stick to small vertebrates!). Night drives can produce some great owl sightings, though one doesn’t necessarily have to be out at night to see them. Hard work and good observational skills can produce some great day time sightings, though in my experience at least two of the species seem to be declining in numbers, or at least not being seen as regularly. Read on to find out more.

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Eastern South Africa Endemics birding safari 2023 trip report.

Posted by Leon on Fri February 9, 2024 in Trip Reports.

Our Eastern South Africa Endemics birdwatching safari tour took place late last year, delivering a fantastic overall birding and wildlife experience, with over 400 birds species seen, as well as a decent number of mammals. Read the safari trip report below.

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Tanzania's Southern Circuit Safari

Posted on Fri November 10, 2023 in Trip Reports.

We have recently returned from a visit to two of Tanzania's biggest National Parks - Nyerere and Ruaha National Parks. These are two of the stops on on our Southern Circuit Safari ( the other park we visit on the full tour is Katavi, in remote western Tanzania).

Tanzania's Southern Circuit offers a fantastic add-on to a Northern Circuit Safari, or can be done as a stand-alone safari, with Zanzibar as an obvious add-on.

Read more about Nyerere and Ruaha in this safari blog!

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10 Best Birds to see in South Africa

Posted by Leon on Wed October 4, 2023 in Birds and Birding.

South Africa offers some of the best birding on the continent. While it may not have the most number of species, it does have the most endemics. South Africa has 18 birds that are only found within her borders, but that figure jumps to 38 endemics and 30 near-endemics if you include Lesotho and eSwatini, two small nations within South Africa. In this Blog Post we look at 10 of the Best Birds to see in South Africa.

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Kenya Safari Photo Trip Report, May 2023

Posted on Thu June 1, 2023 in Trip Reports.

In May we finished our inaugural Birds & Wildlife of Kenya safari - 16 days covering some of the best birding and wildlife areas of Kenya. From Samburu - absolutely magical after good rains - to the Rift Valley Lakes, Kakamega Forest - a last remnant patch of rain forest that once extended much further eastwards across Kenya - to the famous Masai Mara, there was plenty to keep us occupied! Check out some great images in out Safari Photo Trip Report.

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