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Our African Bird Tours & Birdwatching Trips

With around one third of the world's bird species, Africa is a prime birdwatching destination. And, with incredible wildlife thrown in, it makes for an unbeatable birdwatching safari destination. Our small-group birdwatching trips and tours cater for all kinds of birder, from the beginner to the more serious 'lister'.

Birding Trips and Safaris for 2023 and 2024

We have an exciting range of birdwatching tours lined up for 2023 and 2024. From the Fynbos of the Cape to the Kakamega rain-forest in Kenya, our birding safaris offer something for all birders. If none of these fit the bill, contact us to discuss a custom birding safari.

Looking for a more tailored birdwatching safari?

Should the above birding safaris not entice your binocular’s lens or camera, reach out to our team of twitchers for more information on our customizable birding tours in Africa here.